The modular post & beam & panel framing system.
A cost-effective, energy efficient, robotic manufactured alternative to hand-crafted log and timber structures.

Stavehouse utilizes Structural Insulated Panels (or SIP's) as in-fill between the wall posts or the "staves", thereby replacing the logs or bricks and mortar in-filling of ancient times. This process still exposes the wall timbers both inside and out. The SIP panels are also utilized in gables, roofing and other locations, in conjunction with the exposed timber, to provide superior insulation and structural capacity throughout.

Stavehouse structures can be framed at costs which would be difficult to match with any other form of log building or hand-crafted timber framing methods. Numerous plans and applications are available for uses ranging from homes, chalets, cottages and cabins, as well as larger commercial and agricultural applications including barns, work shops, garages and stables, etc.

Aside from the obvious choices of wood claddings (tongue & groove, ship-lap, custom log sidings, etc), finishing costs may be adjusted by the application of other interior and exterior panel sidings ranging from grooved plywoods to painted drywall-like finishing, including acrylic stuccos and brick/stone, etc.

Hidden steel timber connectors, including the Stavebolt, are utilized to expedite assembly of the timber members. This hardware also provides an extra level of strength and malleability for improved resistance to high wind forces and seismic events. Relatively rapid installation of the frame is achievable by any competent contractor or do-it-yourself owner/builder. Environmentally responsible Douglas Fir laminated timber components are robotically processed in BC by Structurlam Products Ltd. All timber assemblies are test-fitted to insure proper alignment & hardware fit prior to stain finishing and packaging.

Stavehouse® & Stavebolt® are registered trademarks of Building With Logs, Limited.
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